Here are some most frequently asked questions about Owensboro.

When is the best time to visit Owensboro?

The best time to visit Owensboro is in the Spring when the flowers and trees are blooming. It is the wet season so be prepared for a few showers. The next best time is Fall. You’ll have to visit all the different farm festivals and pumpkin patches. Summer is also a good time if you can get past the heat and humidity.

Are there any distilleries in Owensboro?

Yes, there are two distilleries in Owensboro. The most famous and one you can go on a tour is the Green River Distillery.

What is Owensboro known for?

Owensboro is known as the Bluegrass Capital of the World. It’s also famous for its southern BBQ, arts, rich culture and top rated parks and playgrounds.

Is Owensboro a dangerous city?

Like any city, there’s always crime and people who like to make the city look bad. However, Owensboro, in general is a safe city, even after dark. The local police and sheriff departments keep things monitored and under control.

What time zone is Owensboro in?

Owensboro is in the Central Standard time zone.

What county is Owensboro in?

Owensboro is located in Daviess County in the North Western part of the state.

Who are the famous people from Owensboro?

Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro in 1963.
Wendell Ford was a Kentucky governor from Owensboro.
Nicky Hayden was born in 1981 in Owensboro.

What is the oldest building in Owensboro?

Built in 1875, the Old Trinity Centre is the oldest standing structure in Owensboro. It is now owned by the City of Owensboro and is located at 407 W 5th St.

How to pronounce Frederica Street?

The correct way to pronounce Frederica Street is Fred-rick-uh.